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Plagues that are more pandemic than Corona; Total lockdown is utter nonsense

Posted by on March 30, 2020.

Plagues that are more pandemic than Corona; Total lockdown is utter nonsense

[Ameenur Rasheed, London | +447939847723 | ameenur1@yahoo.co.uk]

Corona is a much lesser plague than what the world has been already going through.

*Economic Exploitation:*
The culture of the world is plagued by the filth of its culture. The entire human community of the world is full of filthy culture from its filthy usury-based exponentially exploitative economic culture to exorcist legal system to filthy chaotic and disorderly family structure.

The handful riches of the world are able to exponentially exploit the economically vulnerable masses. The economically vulnerable masses are helpless to the exponential exploitations. Legal mechanism of the world are backing up this filthy rule.

*Legal Exorcism:*
The world economy and law are designed set to support the exorcism of the masses by the handful rich people.

*Chaotic Family Structure:*
A culture has been built to give the women overbearing power to their life partners in their family unit. The natural guardianship responsibility of the children has been stripped of their father and laid to the hands of the vulnerable women. The children of the human family have been artificially made fatherless and orphanised. The family culture of human kind are about to be abolished and leading to a incur the filthy culture of fatherlessness of the beast animal.

The overarching authority of the naturally vulnerable women over their life partners, particularly in the matter of children has turned the family a furnace of tension and restlessness and the children crying for their missing fathers’ masculinity in their lives.

*Cumulative Plagues:*
Every single household of the world has been suffering the plagues of constant tensions and restlessness alongside the plague og overbearing and unjustified exponentially increasing debt burdened by few riches with the support of legal mechanism. Added to the aforementioned plagues are the gambling and alcohol facilities all over.

The ruling Governments of the world are fostering the aforementioned filthy plagues by their means, tools, influence and mechanisms.

The aforementioned plagues are more pandemic having more lasting and painful effects on people’s life than a rapid killing Coronavirus!

The pandemic Corona is just little bit harder tribulation than usual from the Supreme Ruler of the universe as an awakening call and warning to the astray world fot the discerning people. The discerning people that are allegiants to the authority of the Supreme Ruler remain firm, resolute, resilient and operational as usuan and increased gratitude to Him in the face of any tribulation instead of panicking His calamities.

In this apparent global crisis the Muslim ummah has failed to show its distinct position. So-called leaders of the ummah keep issuing fatwas, guidance etc jointly and severally advising us to go hiding inside home without any arrangement of at least a team to represent the ummah either in case of a single death or a massive death all over so that Muslim ummah is not unrepresented in the absence of its own and distinctive Government.

Surprisingly our so-called ulaamaa are deafeningly quiet over the responsibility to those others that are housebound and on deathbed in case we do not go out and check on them with the distancing measure.

May Allaah guide the Muslim ummah and its misguided, cowardly, unpragmatic, imprudent, extremely selfish leaders such as Imaams, scholars, Shaikhs, Muftid and so on.

I would call on a section of Muslim ummah to remain vigilant, go out and check on others while applying distancing measure in your neighbourhood to see if anyone is locked in without any food, in a severe crisis of life or dead left abandoned.

Remember, each of us is still responsible to care for others in illnesses and bury the person in case of death as long as we remain alive.

We are still responsible to pursue the reformation of the world population by overthrowing its filthy ruling culture.

Observing total lockdown is utter nonsense.